David's Story

David's Story

Trauma and grief marked David’s childhood. His father died when David was just 5 years old. Then, David was a victim of abuse and molestation by a family member. The trauma left him with a lot of anger, and he turned to drugs to cope with the pain. 

David’s subsequent struggle with addiction was a rollercoaster. It led him to homelessness and legal trouble, as well as to periods of recovery and healing through his relationship with the Lord. Yet the good times only lasted so long. 

“There were crises in my life, and I didn’t know what to do. Even if I had the coping tools, I didn’t know how to apply them, and I’d turn back to the drugs. It just destroyed me.”

David had come to the Christian Aid Center before and graduated from our recovery program. So, when he was struggling with addiction again a few years later, he was embarrassed. He was afraid our staff would look at him differently—but he had to set aside his pride. His wife and 2-year-old daughter were depending on him.

“I didn’t want to leave my daughter for one second, so it was hard to come back to the CAC. But at the same time, I was in a really dark place. I didn’t want to live like this. I knew I needed to get myself right.”

David is now thriving in our supportive environment. He’s especially benefiting from classes about mental health and recovery, and he’s studying to earn a high school diploma. He wants to pursue a career in social work.

“I’m grateful to the CAC for helping me get back on my feet again. I’m figuring out my emotions and learning how to apply new coping skills to my life. It’s helping me tremendously. I feel so much better about myself.”

David is filled with thanksgiving for God’s redeeming love in his life—and your incredible generosity and support. “I know that with the Christian Aid Center’s help, I can move forward with a better mindset and a better relationship with the Lord.”