Dear friend,

Dear friend,

At the beginning of this school year, it was unclear if we could still hold our annual coat drive with most children staying home doing online classes.

But after contacting each of the schools counselors, it was obvious the Coats for Kids campaign is needed now more than ever.

The fact is—there are families who are really struggling financially right now. Many parents have lost their jobs or have had thier wages drastically reduced because of the pandemic. I've seen the desparation on thier faces when I helped at some local food drives.

If so many in our community are having such a hard time putting food on the table, can you imagine how many more will not have the extra money for coats?

And with current health protocols and physical distancing, it seems the safest place for kids to be with other kids is outside. So having a coat is even more essential now.

That's why I am writing to you today about Coats for Kids. This annual campaign has been supplying winter coats to children in need for the past 22 years through a partnership between the Christian Aid Center and the four area school districts.

Last year nearly 350 coats were given to children who really needed them. We know this because we work directly with the counselors in each school. They know the families and they see the children on a regular basis even with online learning. 

And it isn't just the students who benefit from the coats - the teachers also benefit by seeing the change on a child's face knowing they no longer have to be cold or embarrassed for not having a coat. Here's what Mindy Gonzales, an intervention specialist from Berney Elementary, had to say after last year's campaign:

"Thank you so much for all that you have done for our kiddos again this year. The speed at which you work is incredible, and the warmth behind every coat that we get to hand out is immeasurable!"

This program is possible because of the kindness of friends like you. Your gift of $17 will provide one coat, or maybe you can give $85 which will help five kids in need. Whatever the size gift you can give will help children stay warm this winter.

I also want you to know that all coats purchased for this campaign will be brand new. We think kids should not only be warm, but also feel special for having a coat purchased especially for them. 

Even though COVID-19 has brought a lot of changes to our lives, some things haven't changed—the cold temperatures of winter and the fact that many children in our community are in need of a warm coat. I hope you will take this opportunity to directly help a child by supporting the Coats for Kids campaign. 



Rick Johnson, Chairperson
2020 Coats for Kids Campaign